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Steve Hingle, CPA,
Certified Coach

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The Science of Happiness
Steve is in the final stages of HappinessScience.com, a site dedicated to bringing the hard science of happiness, life satisfaction, well-being, and goal achievement theory to you in plain language.  The new site will include suggested practices to increase your happiness, satisfaction, and well-being.

Happiness Good for Business
If you are a manager or business owner, know that helping your employees become happier has been shown to improve virtually all areas of business, including the bottom line. 

In the coming months, we'll have workshops to better your life and your business.

Beta-Testing at Reduced Pricing
Steve is beta-testing new coaching methods based on the science of happiness, and also a new service called positive practices support.  This weekly check-in with Steve is for those who want to implement new habits, but don't want full coaching.

Use personal coaching to:
1. Create balance in your life.
2. Create a plan for a purposeful, happier, and more successful life.
3. Take action and make progress.
4. Get your job and finances in order.
5. Create better relationships with your partner, family, friends, coworkers, your higher power, and yourself.
6. Take excellent care of yourself.
7. Know yourself better and move through blocks to greatness.
8. Have more energy, peace, and fun.

More about Personal Coaching

Use professional coaching to:

1. Prioritize and manage your time.
2. Improve productivity and reduce stress.
3. Improve leadership skills.
4. Make more money in less time.
5. Love your work or find work you love.
6. Gain perspective.
7. Plan for success.

More about Professional Coaching

Visit my blog.

“Steve facilitates the decision-making process in a way that opens doors. He is a blessing to me and I highly recommend him to anyone.”
— Steve Hopkins

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I coach:
Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Managers
Successful people who want balance
The newly retired looking for what’s next
People in transition
People who want to love their work and their lives

My ideal client:
Wants to make changes and is ready
Is open to new awareness
Wants a balanced life
Takes action and keeps commitments


Work on your goals with a free recorded teleconference on achieving your goals! Also sign up to schedule your free one-on-one coaching session for new clients. The teleconference plus the coaching is valued at $200.

You can see the entire text of the teleconference information here, but if you want to have free access to the 75 minute teleconference recording, including a mini coaching demonstration, you have to sign up!

Teleconference includes:
  • 10 Secrets to meeting any goal
  • What most goal systems miss
  • Goal worksheet
  • A live coaching demonstration

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